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Past Productions

G.bod Theatre is a physical theatre company based in Sydney. Formally known as Gaybod Theatre, which was formed by Peter Mountford & Marcella Hynes in London 1997.

Artistic Director: Peter Mountford


Queen Bette

(2015-2016, Old 505 Theatre, Sydney Mardi Gras & Hunter Valley Theatre)
Devised by Peter Mountford & Jeanette Cronin from an original idea by Peter Mountford
With Jeanette Cronin as Queen Bette
Directed by Peter Mountford

“The Queen has no hour for love. Time presses, and events crowd upon her. Into a shell, an empty, glistening husk, she must give up all that a woman holds most dear.”

This highly acclaimed one‐woman show retraces the remarkable steps of a true movie legend, from fledgling stage actress via an unrivalled glittering movie career that also saw her battling the Studios in an unprecedented attempt to gain independence as an artist. Davis fought hard all her life, had four husbands, two Oscars and a reputation as the biggest bitch in Hollywood. Queen Bette tells the whole story.

“What he and his star have done is to create a three-dimensional, fully realised woman in a richly fascinating story that plays out over a tantalising one hour solo show. The result is an absorbing yet light-hearted docudrama that brings to vivid life one of Hollywood’s pioneering greats. The real royal deal. “ Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise

“Whether you go to get closer to this important and interesting female, or to see Cronin’s astonishing performance and manifestation, just make sure you go. This is a night you won’t forget in a hurry.” Lisa Thatcher

“Even if your interest in Davis is fleeting, this engrossing little showcase is worth seeking out.” Jason Blake, Eight Nights A Week

“Vibrant, funny, and tremendously expressive. Dynamically paced, with unexpected stylistic changes developing between scenes to keep us attentive and fascinated.” Suzy Goes See

"It’s, quite simply, the stellar transportation of an audience through a brilliant performance and you need to see it in this small, intimate venue before it is swept onto a larger stage. Rain or shine, grab a ticket if you can.” Judith Greenaway, Sydney Arts Guide

“The text is beautifully constructed. For fans of Bette Davis, QUEEN BETTE, is a must. For others interested in the source of the creative 'energies' of a great artist, too, QUEEN BETTE is a worthwhile indulgence.” Kevin Jackson, Theatre Diary





The Killing of Sister George

(King Street Theatre & Sydney Mardi Gras Festival 2015)
By Frank Marcus
Deborah Jones as June Buckridge
Natasha McNamara as Alice ‘Childie’ McNaught
Helen Stuart as Mrs Mercy Croft
Sarah Jane Kelly as Madame Xenia
Directed by Peter Mountford

“Peter Mountford has ingeniously reached back 52 years to find a text that allows an expression of gayness that is above the need for justification, and beyond our tired boundaries of sexual differences. It is a juicy story about love, sex, power and fame, except believe it or not, there are no men in it.” - Suzy Goes See

A view of concrete by Gareth Ellis

A View Of Concrete was written in 2003, when the world was first learning to live with global terror.
10 years on, and that fear has become part of our collective psyche: war is no longer fought so much on boundaries, but on ideas. Fear your neighbour, not just Johnny Foreigner.
Our Concrete world is one of lost faith and gained fantasy, where technology has become too expensive to use and media has brought us closer together and yet torn us much further apart.
Where a cartoon world has replaced the memory of a long dead natural one.
Disney is the ideal.

Venue: King Street Theatre, Sydney
Dates: 22 July to 2 August 2014
Directed by Peter Mountford
Matt Longman
Rebecca Martin
Taryn Brine
Tim Dashwood
Lighting Design: Juz McGuire
Music: Matt Vaughan
Photography: Richard Hedger
Stage Manager: Shannyn Miller

“In an inspired burst of creativity, Mountford likens this dystopia to that of a cartoon world, utilising Mickey Mouse ears, Sleeping Beauty songs and Peter Pan dialogue to suggest that escapism into Disney-like dreams is the key to survival. It’s an intriguing concept, and one that blurs the lines between truth and imagination in one drug-induced haze.” Stephanie Yip, The Brag
Read full review here: http://www.thebrag.com/arts/view-concrete

“This was the most impressive piece I have seen at King St Theatre in quite a while. The cast almost danced around each other, often using each other as props or becoming a part of the set.” SOYP

“Peter Mountford’s direction of the piece introduces considerable dynamism to the stage. There is a prominent choreographic aspect to his work that aims to engage us visually, which also demands of his cast, a level of exertion to keep energies high and sustained.” Suzy Wong

Shallow Slumber by Chris Lee (Australian Premiere)

July 2012

NIDA Parade Studio, Sydney


Catherine Terracini as Dawn
Rebecca Johnston as Moira

“Peter Mountford's direction brings out fine performances from Johnson and Terracini as they pick their way through the tangle of hurt, accusations, half-truths and lies.” Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

“Gripping stuff as we are left with our own gruesome imaginings until the final moments of the play. It is certainly a daring and admirable first for both Mountford and the (NIDA Independent) program.” Alternative media group

Dog's Barking by Richard Zajdllic

September 2012

King Street Theatre, Sydney
Presented by pantsguys theatre for Sydney Fringe Festival


Lara Rosenthal as Vicky
Rebecca Martin as Alex
Jamie Irvine as Neil
Jason Perini as Splodge

“Peter Mountford’s direction is excellent, allowing for an uncomfortable settling into the crossover point between active viewer and passive observer. The audience sit teetering between the two until finally they are drawn – or rather absorbed – into the unfurling drama” Lisa Thatcher

Cloud Busting by Helen Blakeman

NIDA Parade Playhouse (2011)
for NIDA Open and National Theatre Connections

The Grandfathers by Rory Mullarkey

NIDA Parade Space (2012)
for NIDA Open and National Theatre Connections


1996-1997 Camden People's Theatre, London
Aerial performance meets physical theatre when two women meet in a club..
Marcella Hynes
Lila Lifely

The Killing Of Sister George by Frank Marcus

Camden People's Theatre, London
July 1998
Part of Pride Arts Festival


Marcella Hynes as June Buckridge
Rachel O'Riordan as Alice McNaught
Kathleen Bryson as Mercy Croft

Pack Up Your Troubles by Snoo Wilson



National Theatre, London

“Responded wholeheartedly to both the bizarre and the poignant, with a nod to Moulin Rouge and performance art.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian




Oval House Theatre, London
Komedia Theatre, Brighton
For Pride Arts Festival


Marcella Hynes
Peter Mountford


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